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The Warrior Playground

A place for all warriors to train

The Warrior Playground is a full-scale American Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Training facility for kids  & adults to experience the thrill of tackling the obstacles they see on the TV show. The Warrior Playground features many American Ninja Warrior obstacle replicas straight from the show; now even if you can’t get on the show, you can train like a ninja.

​The Warrior Playground Specializes in training athletes who compete in Obstacle Racing. Our Ninja Performance training  method has helped our athletes to rank in the top 10 of all Ninja gyms in the World 3X's since 2018 & it can help you get on the podium after you complete our program.. Warrior OCR program specializes in improving performance for Spartans, & OCR Racers

We also host all types of special events like: Ninja competitions, Battle of the Gyms Charity Fund Raisers, Corporate Team Building Events, Birthday Parties, School Field Trips, Private Groups & mobile ninja events.

You are welcome to come play with us everyday.

Why train at the Warrior Playground?

“If you have never been here, you probably have never trained like this. The Warrior Playground is the culmination of everything I have ever done and everything that I have ever wanted to do in my athletic & fitness career. The workouts you will experience here, are not only effective, they are just plain fun; if you’re up for the challenge.” – Sam Banola, Founder of the Warrior PlayGround


Although the workouts are both unique & challenging; there is a higher purpose. The playground has been designed to help develop better all-around athleticism. The Fitness “Trinity” is composed of Strength, Endurance, and Mobility. Mobility is the sum of several key performance attributes (agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, posture, stability, speed & power). Try to name 1 sport in which you would not benefit from improved mobility. Training at the Warrior Playground will allow athletes to improve upon all aspects of the “trinity” in an efficient manner; this is functional training at its best. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

The Warrior Playground is a great place for families!

Our business specializes in putting the FUN back in fitness. It was founded on the idea creating a place where kids who are not into team sports can find a place to have an outlet for their energy, learn the benefits of overcoming obstacles, be active & healthy, and have fun doing it. The Warrior Playground is a great place to exercise and "play", & as Albert Einstein says "play is the highest form of research". And with our variety of training options: Ninja Warrior, Rock Climbing, OCR Training, & Fitness Training the Warrior Playground is the ultimate place for athletes & entire  families to exercise together.

We start building the habits of exercise with our 4-6 year old Little Ninjas program all the way up to our competitive Youth Team and preparing adults for competing on the show American Ninja Warrior or their first Spartan or Tough Mudder race. We teach movement fundamentals, obstacle technique, sportsmanship, strength & conditioning, & mental preparation for competition.

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