This program gives you a great starting point to getting started with Ninja Warrior or Spartan/ OCR training. It reviews tips and tricks on helping you train & think smarter so you can start improving on your ability to run a course faster than you ever have. 

Secret Training Tips will Teach you:

  • How to Train For Endurance - to make sure you don't take rest breaks
  • How to Avoid Injury - while improving your Grip Strength
  • Rope Climbing - technique tutorial
  • Mindset Training - An essential key to your success
  • Strength Training - Build your foundation & why it's important
  • Speed Training - Learn how to train to improve your course times
  • Power Training - Learn how to be a more explosive athlete
  • Balance Training - Avoid the falls that take so many athletes out.

Secret Training Tips

$14.99 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • When you are ready to begin, email to initiate your Secret Training Tips Program. You will receive a week long course with daily informational emails.

Located in Longmont, CO, Warrior Playground is a full-scale American Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Race training facility for kids and adults.

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