What is Recess-First Learning?

Recess-First Learning was developed from research showing that physical movement enhances firing of neurons in the brain. Exercise actually increases BDNF secretions which act as "fertilizer for the brain" & improves learning capabilities.

This research has shown that once these neurons are firing children's cognitive test scores go up.

Simply put, the more physically active your child is, the better he/she will perform in school, sleep, and the healthier he/she will be for life.

  • 30-year classroom veteran, Chris Strater states “we were wrong to get rid of recess and we were wrong to get rid of movement. The only way to get neurons firing is through movement. It can’t be done through reading, and it can’t be done through math.”

  • Education states "children who are more active exhibit better focus, faster cognitive processing & better memory retention"

  • Dr. John Cairney states "During early childhood, when a child practices a motor skill, they are building and strengthening neural connections that prepare them for lifelong learning and well-being. When you also consider the emotional, behavioral and social dimensions of physical literacy – competence, confidence and fun (which lead to positive things like increased self-esteem) physical literacy is also connected to positive social and emotional development as well. As parents, we should be insisting that our children have structured and unstructured opportunities to develop physical literacy


In Short; Physical literacy, just like literacy in reading, writing, and math is an essential part of proper development & will prepare our children for success.

Recess First Learning at the Warrior Playground allows you to provide an environment that nurtures FUN physical activities for your children that help to build confidence, creativity, improve social interaction, increase physical literacy, & fire those neurons up before your children then go into our Recess First Learning Center to work on their cognitive literacy skills.

Additional Benefits of Recess-First Learning

  • Structured Play with Expert Coaches to help them learn proper movement patterns & build strength

  • Unstructured Play to build creativity & social interactions

  • Learning Class room that you can bring in your own instructor for education

  • A fun environment they are more likely to want to come to & a classroom setting for learning

  • Convenience for parents - we host your group, clean up & sanitize,

  • Keep your home clean - no random kids potentially making a mess in your personal space, now you don’t have to move your personal items to make room for kids using your home or your bathroom, 

Ready to Enroll in Recess-First Learning?


 Semester Pricing

(12 weeks)


Sibling Discounts SAVE $50 

2 Sessions per week    (1 hr Movement Lesson)

  • $600 per student for Groups of up to 8

1 Session per week     (1 hr Movement Lesson)

  • $350 per student for Groups of up to 8

Add-On Open Gym Membership 

  • Only $50 per student 

To Enroll, Just follow these simple steps:

1. Click the Reserve a Spot Button & place a deposit

2. Form your group & confirm how many day/ per week

3. Contact us HERE to finalize your reservation or is you have any questions