Located in Longmont, CO, Warrior Playground is a full-scale American Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Race training facility for kids and adults.

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Training at Warrior Playground

Becoming a Ninja Warrior can be programmed in different ways to suit you and your specific goals. Here's how we can help.


We will custom build your program. Set up your FREE Strategy Session with us & we will begin the process of building your personalized performance program based on your current Strengths, Weaknesses, & Goals. You will receive a Performance Evaluation Report including Pre/ Post test results. 


6 & 12 Week Program options include:

  • A Functional Fitness Assessment (posture & movement screening, fitness & performance testing)

  • Nutritional Programming

  • Access to Strength & Conditioning Classes

  • Ninja Warrior Classes

  • Open Gym Sessions (Ninja Warrior, Rock Climbing, Strongman, OCR, Fitness) for you to practice on your own.  

  • Folllow Up testing

​You will then be able to implement the program through taking our classes, small group sessions, 1-on-1 training, or do it all yourself during Open Gym times.

Fitness & Body Transformation

Our purpose is to educate, guide and coach every client toward achieving significant, life-changing goals. Which is why we offer the 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge This personalized life changing routine includes"

  • Cutting Edge Workouts - to maximize you results 
  • Complete Nutritional Support - w/ a Meal plan, Shopping list, & Helpful Recipes & Tips  
  • A Personal accountability Coach to give you all the tips and advice you will need so that you feel supported on every step of your journey towards a new you!
Our Clients have achieved amazing results:
  • Nova Lost over 30 pounds in 6 weeks
  • Jason Lost 27 pounds in 6 weeks   
  • Kathy took 11 minutes off of her 5K run time
  • Nathan added 4 pounds of muscle
  • Matt Lost 60 pounds in 1 year
  • And countless others have overcome injuries, or limitations & regained their health

Ninja Fun for Kids

Ninja Training is simply one of the best ways for anyone to train for so many reasons. Watch these videos to hear why:



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