Youth Ninja Warrior Training (Ages 6-16)

Our Warrior Performance Training Programs build our students into strong minded, able bodied warriors. We focus on teaching our students about the lessons we all learn from failure. We teach them about how failure is a part of the growth and learning process to becoming successful.

We teach fundamental movement patterns that are beneficial to any future sports participation. Because ninja training is so varied, it is a great way for athletes & non athletes to move, have fun, and grow stronger. As they grow stronger both physically & with their skills, their self-confidence also grows.

You have several options on how we can implement this program:

1. Training Lessons with Top Ninja Coaches

Private lessons & Small Group Options available:

12 Week Winter Semester Programming starts @ $450 or $160 per month

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2. Virtual Training

The WPT Program has a virtual option. We can training you with live coaching no matter where you live or you can follow the program & videos right here at the Warrior Playground completely on your own during open gym time.

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2. FREE Training

That's Correct, We are here to help whether you ever come in to see us or not - WHY? Because we know  obstacle training better than anyone out there. Our programs & our coaches are some of the best in the world & we have so much knowledge to share, that we cannot bear to keep it a secret any longer. To prove it, we are going to GIVE YOU a FREE week's worth of advice to help you improve your obstacle training & performance

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Our son is small for his age and is still getting the hang of everything. When Anabela and Garrett had the kids do the course our son needed a little extra help. Instead of bringing attention to it that he couldn’t do it on his own, Garrett was right there to help him without making a big deal about it and kept encouraging him. In other sports/classes I have watched coaches call out kids who were struggling and humiliate them, so it made me so happy to see how Garrett handled it. He is always so patient (which is amazing with how much energy the coaches all have!) and encouraging with all the kids. He also does a great job of figuring out how to individually make sure the kids are challenged based on their current skill level and not just expecting everyone to do the same thing at the same level. Our son had been begging me for months to take ninja classes. I’m so glad we were able to find Warrior Playground when we moved to Longmont over the summer. We lived in Erie previously and had looked into another gym, but it felt too commercialized to me and like he might just get lost in the mix. I love the community feeling Warrior Playground has built and love that our son looks forward to his class each week. We also just had his birthday party at Warrior Playground. It was such an easy party and the kids had a blast. Glenn was great with the kids and they all loved interacting with him. The entire staff there is so friendly and responsive. I also admire their dedication to giving back to the local community. We are very happy and fortunate to have found and be a part of the Warrior Playground community.

Betsy S.


Mini Ninjas (Ages 6-8)

Mini ninjas will learn to be mobile, agile, and climb like a Ninja. Obstacles used for this age group will be adjusted for their size - so they can still feel successful and have fun on the playground.

Schedule: All training sessions are via enrollment in quarterly small group training programs.


Level 1 Series - Beginners
(Ages 8-13)

This is our introductory series for beginners and those who are new to ninja warrior training. Students will be taught a specific set of skills to prepare them to move up to the Level 2 classes. Coaches will then let the students know when they are ready to test for graduation to level 2. All participants will practice on beginner level obstacles and learn how to play safely at the Warrior Playground.

Level 2 Series - Intermediate
(Ages 8-16)

Ninja Warriors In Training (NIT WITS) will learn how to build upon the fundamental movement skills from their level 1 training. As students build up both their confidence and their abilities, they will be challenged with more advanced obstacle training. Level 2 students will also be taught how to properly perform body weight based strength & conditioning work. Students must complete at least 8 sessions before testing for Level 3 or Team Warrior Playground.

Level 3 (Ages 10 & up ) & Team Warrior Playground (Advanced)

Perseverance, determination, & hard work. That's what it takes to get to Level 3 and that's what it takes to train like a Ninja Warrior. Those who make it to Level 3 will be challenged by some of our most difficult obstacles and will get to train with our Team Warrior playground members. Level 3 students will also participate in weight room strength & conditioning sessions and learn how to prepare for ninja competitions.

Youth Strength & Conditioning
(Ages 10-18)

This class teaches the fundamentals of strength training from body weight & calisthenics training all the way to Olympic style training as the athletes develop. Students will learn how strength training can enhance any athletes performance, not matter what their sport is. 

Open Gym

Includes access to All Ages Ninja Warrior obstacles, Rock climbing wall, & for those ages 12 & up Advanced Ninja Training Obstacles & weight training area for ages 14 & up. 

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all-day pass &


for Advanced Training Area (ages 12 & Up Only)

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Performance Training

If you would like to prep for American Ninja Warrior or simply accelerate the learning process, you should look into our Performance Training Programs.