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Now Accepting Applications for April Training Groups

Youth Ninja Warrior Training (Ages 4-14)


Please Refer to our "First Time" tab to learn more about:

Pricing & Membership

Open gym & class schedule

FAQ's & more 

Our Warrior Performance Training Programs build our students into strong minded, able bodied warriors. We focus on teaching our students about the lessons we all learn from failure. We teach them about how failure is a part of the growth and learning process to becoming successful.

We teach fundamental movement patterns that are beneficial to any future sports participation. Because ninja training is so varied, it is a great way for athletes & non athletes to move, have fun, and grow stronger. As they grow stronger both physically & with their skills, their self-confidence also grows.

You have several options on how we can implement this program:

1. "PLAY" Classes w/ Ninja Coaches:

  • Parkour 

  • Ninja Warrior Training 

  • Youth Strength Training (ages 10+)

Note: These Classes are for ages 8+

For younger ninjas we offer the Mini Ninja Program (listed below)

2. "Train" in Private or Semi-Private lessons w/ Ninja Coaches:

12 week Warrior Performance Training Program (WPT)

Students may sign up for Private (1-on1) lessons or Small Group training (3-5 students).

NOTE: We REQUIRE a Deposit Payment for you to get onto the waitlist for the Warrior Performance Training program.

See Video to understand why:

Ready to get started with in person training - BOOK A CALL & we'll'' discuss PLAY or TRAIN options

Watch this video to understand the difference between Play & Train & why we do not offer classes for age 4-7.

3. Virtual Training 

The WPT Program has a virtual option. We use the WPT training videos as an additional way to teach our in person students. This offers them an opportunity to review what they learn each week & practice on their own during open gym or at home. We have also used this training to train athletes all over the country.

Now, no matter where you live, you can access virtual coaching lessons & you can watch the videos of the skills we teach right here at the Warrior Playground.

Learn More

Pricing ranges from $100-$270 per month depending on which options you choose
Students can sign up for 1 or 2 small group sessions per week & they can add membership.
Check out our pricing page for more information



Mini Ninjas (Ages 4-8)

We have been teaching Mini ninjas for the past 6 years how to be mobile, agile, and climb like a Ninja. Obstacles used for this age group will be adjusted for their size - so they can still feel successful and have fun on the playground.

We ONLY offer WPT semi-private group TRAINing sessions for ages 4-8.

We have found this to be the best and most productive method for helping these student progress their skills.

Schedule: Fill out a request form with the "sign up" link below

All WPT small group TRAIN sessions are via enrollment in quarterly small group training programs.

3 Simple Steps to SIGN UP

1. Fill out the Request Form 

2. Watch the Fair Warning Video & Sign the WPT Contract

3. Place your Deposit & we will contact you asap.


(Ages 8-16)

This is our introductory series for beginners and those who are new to ninja warrior training. Students will be taught a specific set of skills to prepare them to move up to the intermediate level programming. As students progress their grip strength and balance, coaches will progress their skills so they are ready to test for graduation to next level training. All participants will practice on beginner level obstacles and learn how to play safely at the Warrior Playground.

Beginner Level Programming can be accessed through both our PLAY classes (Level 1 Parkour & Ninja) - see schedule below,

& our TRAIN programming with Private & Small Group Training. 

Students are tested before they can move up to Next Level training.



(Ages 8-16)

Ninja students will learn how to build upon the fundamental movement skills from their level 1 training. As students build up both their confidence and their abilities, they will be challenged with more advanced obstacle training. Students will also be taught how to properly perform body weight based strength & conditioning work. Students can only access Intermediate level programming through the WPT Small Group Training - There are no PLAY classes above the beginner level.

3 Simple Steps to SIGN UP

1. Fill out the Request Form 

2. Watch the Fair Warning Video & Sign the WPT Contract

3. Place your Deposit & we will contact you asap.



Advanced Performance Training 

This is our team program program - Perseverance, determination, & hard work. That's what it takes to get to this Level and that's what it takes to train like a Ninja Warrior Athlete. Teens & Adults will be challenged by our team of Performance Training Coaches & get to train with a coach who can help them become the best version of themselves. 


Training sessions include:

  • Skills Training

  • Strength & conditioning

  • Competition Prep


Ninja athletes must be approved by WP staff - Application FORM

Sessions Offerred:

Monday & Wednesday @ 6:45 PM


Youth Strength & Conditioning
(Ages 10-18)

This PLAY class teaches the fundamentals of strength training from body weight & calisthenics training all the way to Olympic style training as the athletes develop. Students will learn how strength training can enhance any athletes performance, not matter what their sport is. 
Included w/ Open Gym Advantage Membership
Drop in & Punch Cards Available
Sessions Offerred:

Thursday @ 5:30 PM


Parkour & Ninja (Ages 8-15)

These Level 1 PLAY classes teach the fundamentals of parkour & ninja, and how it can enhance the athletes skills. Students will learn basic skills including quadrupedal movement, landings, rolls, basic gymnastics, jumps, cat leaps, vaults, grip training, balance training and more.

Included w/ Open Gym Advantage Membership

Drop in & Punch Cards Available

Sessions Offerred:

Parkour Friday @ 4:30 PM

Parkour Sunday @ 1:00 PM 

Ninja Saturday @ 9:00 AM

Open Gym

Includes access to All Ages Ninja Warrior obstacles, Rock climbing wall, & for those ages 12 & up Advanced Ninja Training Obstacles & weight training area for ages 14 & up. 

View Live Schedule


day pass 


Performance Training

If you would like to prep for American Ninja Warrior or simply accelerate the learning process, you should look into our Performance Training Programs.

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