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Extreme Emotions: The Mental Health Benefits of a Ninja Playground

People have sworn by the powerful connection between physical and mental health for many years now. It hasn't been until now that science has been able to confirm their relationship and describe how it works.

However, not all exercises are created equal. Clearly, running on a treadmill while looking at a gray wall is not as stimulating for the mind as working out on a ninja playground.

If you aren't familiar with these places or the possible benefits of a ninja warrior gym, read on to learn about how it can help you mentally as well as physically.

What Is a Ninja Playground?

If you have never been, you might imagine black-clad feudal Japanese super soldiers climbing on a swingset whilst throwing shurikens.

That is somewhat different. OK, it is not like that at all. But it's still extremely exciting, challenging, and, well, you might be allowed to dress up like one if you really wanted to.

A ninja playground, also known as a ninja gym, is a type of gym that consists of challenging obstacles that require varying degrees of athleticism to overcome. They feature rope swings, monkey bars, ladders, ropes, and a variety of other contraptions. They are both fun and challenging.