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 Custom Designed
Obstacle Training
Systems & Services

NOW we can bring the gym to YOU.

Want to build a ninja training course in your backyard, garage, basement, or recreational center! We can design and build individual obstacles or an entire customized gym for your home or in a commercial setting.



  1. DIY - Want plans to build your own ninja obstacles! We can create design plans for you to build your own custom obstacles.

  2. BUILT FOR YOU - Want to add some fun ninja obstacles to your current home obstacle course!  We have been making our own ninja obstacles for the past 7 years. If you would like to purchase some WP @Home obstacles, go to our online store

 CONTACT US for more info or a custom design.















Welcome to the Warrior Family!


Have a passion for movement and an inspired-idea to start a business, but unsure how to start? Need guidance? Direction? A plan?

Save time, energy and hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly mistakes by licensing with Warrior Playground.


Already own a facility and looking to create additional revenue streams, attract new members, increase retention, or create efficiency and scale within your existing model?


Amplify your overall return on investment, lifetime customer value and gross-profit by licensing with Warrior Playground.


A Model Right for You:


Our unique licensing model allows each of our Rapid Growth Systems™ to be purchased individually, or in any combination needed, for maximum flexibility and specificity to your exact business needs. Purchase everything you need, and nothing you don’t. 

Rapid Growth Systems™ include: 


  • Pre-launch

  • Launch

  • Scale 

  • Pivot

  • Staff training and/or certification 

  • Efficiency and peak-performance for owners


Our model creates additional customization to your specific business needs by offering each Rapid Growth System™ as a You Do It, Done With You or Done For You experience, giving you just the amount of coaching, top-level support and recommendations needed for your specific level of business knowledge and goals for growth.


Why license with Warrior Playground?:


We are the leaders in creating safe, fun, effective, and revenue-enhancing obstacle programming and curriculum-models to patrons ages 4 and up. Based on our teams’ 40+ years of combined fitness and movement expertise, our innovative obstacle designs, coaching methods and leveled-training systems set us apart from all other facilities. These methods have been taught to thousands of youth and adults, and many world-class athletes and American Ninja Warrior success-stories have been through our training modalities, including several World Champions. 


Along with this depth of fitness knowledge and expertise, our team collectively has over 40 years of business experience, ranging from build-outs to marketing, technology to team-management, and everything in between. We have successfully opened and scaled multiple businesses, and know exactly what it takes to find (and keep) customers, while increasing money in the bank. 


Lastly, we are coaches and gym-owners ourselves. Passionate about helping others. Inspired to create a love for movement and wellness around the globe. Excited to support the fulfillment of dreams for small-business owners.  Running a profitable gym isn’t easy… but we figured it out - and now are here to help you do the same. 


“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”


Ready to join the Warrior Family? 


Submit an interest request here and our team will be in touch within 48 business hours. (link)


Meet the Team:


Sam Banola 

Founder of the Warrior Playground

Creator of the Warrior Performance Training System


Sam is a master at developing high-level, science-based exercise programming for ninja, obstacle course and parkour athletes. His degree in Exercise Science, and 30-year career as a personal trainer and strength coach, has given him the knowledge and expertise to develop safe, effective, results-driven programming for all ages and abilities.  ​​

He is also the brains behind most of the obstacle-designs we license. As a lifelong woodworker and maker, his creativity shines through in the unique, member-approved obstacles he designs, and his kid-at-heart mentality keeps designs fresh, fun and surprising for all. 

Sam also has a deep business-acumen, as co-owner of JD Fitness in New Jersey for 10 years, and owner of Warrior Playground for the past 7 years. He knows exactly what it takes to operate a fledgling gym on a shoe-string budget, and how to scale that gym into a powerhouse money-maker.

When not working or exercising, Sam loves spending time in the outdoors on various adventures.

He has competed once on American Ninja Warrior, and also holds the following competition finishes: 2021 UNAA World Ninja Challenge 5th Place (40+ age group), 2019 CNL Season 2 Champion (40+ age group), 2018 UNAA World Championships 3rd Place (40 + age group), ANW Denver Season 9 Course Tester, 4X UNAA National Qualifier (2016, 2017, 2018,2019), 2018 UNAA Regional Champion (40+ age group), 2017 UNAA Regional 3rd Place, 2017 Wolfpack Ninja Tour 2nd place (40+ age group), 2016 UNAA Regional Champion, 2016 WolfPack Ninja Smackdown Finalist, 2016 Warrior Playground Skills Challenge Champion


Claire Pearson - Marketing & Business Development Manager


Claire brings us 12+ years of experience as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, gym-owner and online wellness coach, and 17+ years as a Realtor.  


Her genius lies in organizing systems, creating content, producing marketing plans, developing SOPs, and managing member and staff retention. She is also a Neurolinguistic Programming Coach, and has a depth of expertise in behavior-change, mindset- and performance-training. 


Claire has owned both a Parisi Speed School franchise (youth training facility) and Training for Warriors franchise (adult fitness facility), along with her own brick & mortar studio, RAW Training Center, and online coaching program, The Transformation Academy. Additionally, Claire has held leadership roles within the national-brands of OrangeTheory Fitness and Lifetime Fitness. 


She has competed on American Ninja Warrior twice. If she’s not exercising or working, it’s guaranteed she is outside (snowboarding, hiking, climbing - all the ‘ings), drinking coffee, playing guitar, meditating or spending time with her kids & dogs (Austin, Emerson, Blackberry & Koda). 

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