4 Bodyweight Ninja Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

In May 2019, the television show American Ninja Warrior proved its continued popularity when it debuted for its eleventh season. The show features everyday people competing to complete a physically demanding obstacle course in a specific amount of time. 

While there is a prize for those who complete the obstacle course, the real reward for competitors is being able to show off their strength, physical fitness, and mental toughness. And though American Ninja Warrior is a television show, ninja workouts are for everyone.

The American Ninja Warrior workout is based on the obstacles and feats of strength you see on the show, but you don’t need a camera crew or live audience to participate.

You don’t even need fancy equipment. You can work out like you’re training for American Ninja Warrior anywhere if you know the right moves.

Below, we’re sharing four moves that you can do anywhere. Read on!

1. Candlestick Rolls

The first step toward exercising like you’re training for American Ninja Warrior is identifying the muscle groups that are most important to target. Having strong quads, abs and glutes is essential. If those muscles are weak, you won’t be able to complete more advanced warrior moves.