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Corporate Warriors: Benefits of Team Building Activities

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Teamwork makes the dream work! According to this research, psychological safety—feeling safe enough to take risks with others—can impact a team's overall performance. So how do you challenge your team and develop a sense of psychological safety?

Outdoor team building activities!

Grab your sunscreen and your team, then step into the great outdoors. Team building events can teach your team how to work together, boost morale, and improve efficiency.

Not yet convinced?

Keep reading to discover the top five benefits of outdoor team building.

1. The Productivity Boost

A team that lacks focus will start to make mistakes. Those mistakes can cause everyone to lose valuable time, impacting overall productivity.

Outdoor team building activities can remind your team about the importance of teamwork. When they're working together, they're able to focus and perform. The better they perform from the start, the fewer mistakes they'll make.

These outdoor activities will also teach them how to communicate.

By dividing their work into smaller, individual tasks, they can work more productively. Instead of overlapping tasks, everyone has their own priorities.


That way, they can work together, reduce mistakes, and improve overall productivity.

2. Aligning Goals

Project managers spend 90% of their time communicating with other team members.

When everyone's minds are split into a "me" mentality, the project manager has to work double-time to bring everyone together. If a project manager is spending 90% of their time communicating, they're losing time they could spend on other projects.

Outdoor team building activities will help your team recognize they're working toward the same goal.


To develop a "we" mentality, your team needs to recognize that everyone needs to work together. Once everyone's goals are aligned, you can move forward (instead of wasting precious time and stressing out the project manager).

3. Improved Motivation

Your team won't want to work together if they're not feeling motivated. If they're stuck in that "me" mentality, they also won't work as a team.


Outdoor team building activities can help motivate the group. These activities can make each individual feel like an important member of the team. Once they feel more confident, they'll also feel motivated to step forward and work together.

4. Problem-Solving Skills

Critical thinking and team problem-solving skills are important to overall productivity.

Outdoor activities through games, situations, events, and questions can challenge your group as a team. They'll learn how to work together and think creatively to solve these problems as a group.

5. Relationship Building

Your team should be exactly that—a team. Otherwise, you have a group of individuals scrambling to achieve their own goals.

Ninja obstacle courses unite your group and force them to work together. As relationships develop, mutual trust will make it easier for everyone to work as a unit instead of as individuals.

Working Warriors: 5 Benefits of Outdoor Team Building Activities

Teamwork is the dream work, so start teaming up!

These benefits of outdoor team building activities can give your team the boost they need to work more productively.

Ready to give your team that productivity boost? Head outside into the great unknown and start propelling your team forward!

Discover our fun, engaging outdoor team building activities today.

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