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Elevating Excellence: The Advantages of Small Class Sizes in Kids' Programming

When it comes to nurturing a child's physical potential and emotional and social growth, the size of your child's class plays a pivotal role in their growth and development. Read on to discover the unequivocal benefits of small class sizes, and why we strongly uphold our small group sizes over larger counterparts in our after-school Ninja Warrior program.

  1. Personalized Attention: Small class sizes epitomize personalized instruction. With fewer participants, our coaches devote ample time to each child, and are able to tailor guidance, instruction and feedback to their individual needs. This personalized attention ensures that every child receives the support necessary to master techniques, conquer obstacles, and progress at their own pace. This philosophy comes from our background as Personal Trainers, where each client has an individual program based on their unique needs, strengths and challenges. Our coaching staff brings this to the lesson program by knowing where each child is at in their skill-progression, and creating tweaks to the weekly lesson plan that match each child's needs. This simply cannot be done in a group of 10-12 children (think group exercise class vs. semi-private training session).

  2. Less Down Time: One coach and 10+ children means your child is waiting for 9+ other children to take their turn on a coach-supervised obstacle. In a group of 10, if each child takes 30 seconds on an obstacle, your child is actually moving their body and practicing the skill for 30 seconds out of every 5 minutes. With this formula, it will take much longer to progress skill-development. Small class size ensures as little down-time as possible (really just enough to rest little hands, while still challenging physical development). You are not paying for your child to wait in line! For our youngest Ninjas (age 4-6) waiting around for too long can spell disaster, as little bodies want to move and will tend to wander and use unsupervised obstacles if they must wait too long for their own turn. Yes, turn taking is a skill we want to teach, but everything within reason.

  3. Safety at the Forefront: Safety is non-negotiable in the dynamic realm of Ninja Warrior training. In smaller classes, instructors are able to maintain vigilant oversight, promptly addressing any safety concerns or correcting improper form. This heightened supervision minimizes the risk of injuries, fostering a secure environment where children can explore their physical capabilities with confidence.

  4. Optimal Learning Environment: We all want our children's school classroom size to be as small as possible, for good reason, and after school activities are no different. Small class sizes cultivate an environment conducive to focused learning. With fewer distractions, children can fully engage with the coach and the challenges presented by the obstacle course. This focused engagement facilitates deeper comprehension and skill acquisition, laying a robust foundation for their Ninja Warrior journey.

  5. Confidence Building: The intimate setting of small classes nurtures a sense of belonging and empowerment among participants. Children feel supported to push beyond their comfort zones, knowing that their coach is there to provide encouragement and assistance. Through overcoming obstacles in a nurturing environment, children develop not only physical prowess but also resilience and self-assurance.

  6. Emotional care: Let's face it, kids get upset. Whether it's from frustration about their skills, an argument with a group-mate, a hard day at school, or being mad at mom, it happens. With small groups, our coaches are able to provide not just physical attention, but emotional attention. They develop deep relationships with each of their students and know what's going on in each child's life. They are a sounding board of emotional support and are able to make time to truly connect on a human level. We believe THIS is what children need.

In the pursuit of excellence in kids' after-school Ninja Warrior programs, small class sizes emerge as the unequivocal choice. By prioritizing personalized attention, minimal waiting, safety, optimal learning environments, confidence building and emotional care, small classes empower children to realize their full potential as Ninja Warriors. Let us champion the merits of small class sizes, ensuring that every child embarks on their Ninja Warrior journey with the support and guidance they deserve.

Small Group Kids Ninja Lessons at Longmont's Warrior Playground

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