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Warrior Playground's Awesome Athletes

Anika (L) and Anabella (R)

We are always very impressed with the caliber of athletes that walk through our doors here at Warrior Playground. Whether they are individuals that are training for American Ninja Warrior or determined members looking for a unique way to get in shape, we admire the dedication and skill that goes into their training.


Two of our coaches, high school students Anika and Anabella, were actually featured on American Ninja Warrior Junior. We are very proud of their accomplishments and feel lucky to have them as a part of our team.


Both Anika and Anabella have been training for Ninja Warrior competitions for about four years after doing many other sports such as swimming, lacrosse, archery, and volleyball. They both say that ninja warrior training is by far their favorite.

They compete in the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) and Colorado Ninja League in addition to competing on ANWJr. Both have placed top ten in the world for the past two years with the UNAA.

After training for years at Warrior Playground, Anika and Anabella have internalized the coaching systems that have made them top ninja athletes on a global scale. When an opportunity arose to become an assistant coach, the two girls jumped at the chance to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of athletes.

According to Anika, "Coaching, encouraging, and seeing the kids I coach succeed are some of my most rewarding moments."

Ninjanado Daisy

We also want to recognize another one of our members, Daisy aka Ninjanado! She will be appearing on ANWJr starting February 22nd. She is a great example of dedication and athleticism for other kids and her hard work has certainly paid off!


In addition to our young members, Coach Glenn has appeared on American Ninja Warrior for two years straight and our Founder, Sam Banola, has been very successful in national competitions in addition to competing on ANW.

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