Located in Longmont, CO, Warrior Playground is a full-scale American Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Race training facility for kids and adults.

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Warrior OCR


Performance Training for Obstacle Racing Athletes

Warrior OCR will help you build your strength & stamina in every muscle in your body. It will help you get faster, stronger, leaner, & become more mobile/ flexible than you ever thought possible. What you will also discover is that OCR & Ninja  training is way more fun than just lifting weights & you'll have the most fun you've ever had while working out even if you are not looking to be a world champion competitor.

For youth OCR Training we use a customized combination of Ninja & OCR training. The right combination is dependent on each individuals goals & performance testing results.

Contact us for your FREE Warrior Performance Consult we will begin the process of building your personalized performance program based on your current Strengths, Weaknesses, & Goals. You will receive a Performance Evaluation Report including Pre/ Post test results. 


Some of the recommended Classes are:

Youth Strength & Conditioning
(Ages 10-18)

This class teaches the fundamentals of strength training from body weight & calisthenics training all the way to Olympic style training as the athletes develop. Students will learn how strength training can enhance any athletes performance, not matter what their sport is. 



Tuesday & Thursday 4:30 PM

Level 2 Series - Intermediate
(Ages 8-15)

Ninja Warriors In Training (NIT WITS) will learn how to build upon the fundamental movement skills from their level 1 training. As students build up both their confidence and their abilities, they will be challenged with more advanced obstacle training. Level 2 students will also be taught how to properly perform body weight based strength & conditioning work. Students must complete at least 12 weeks of classes before testing for Level 3 or Team Warrior Playground.

Note: Testing will be offered to eligible students on the last week of the month during open gym.


Schedule: (All classes are 60 minutes)

Monday & Wednesdays 4:30 pm

Thursday @ 6:30 pm