Warrior Performance Training 

 The most complete training Program for Obstacle athletes

GET instant access to THE EXACT PROGRAM we USE with OUR ELITE ATHLETES who have competed on
American Ninja Warrior
& 2x's Ranked as the
top 5 ninja teams in the world

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It's Time To Stop Doing Programs That Don't Get YOU Results.

I can't wait for you to see what we have put together for YOU! 

After years of spending countless hours studying different training methods & philosophies & applying them to my athletes & my own training , I have created the Warrior Performance Training Method.


This is the program we used to coach Austin Gray on American Ninja Warrior & it's the same program we have used to get the rest of our (ENTIRE) coaching staff to also compete on ANW, ANW JR, & place Top 10 in the WORLD!

Over the past 20+ years, I have trained everyone from amateur athletes & college athletes up to professional athletes & even athletes who have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Unfortunately, there are too many athletes out there who are misguided or using programs that do not work for their specific goals.

If you want to be GREAT - this program has been developed specifically for you. I have tested it out on our elite team ninja athletes for the past 5 years & NOW, it can be YOURS!


NOTE: If you are not ready to fully commit to achieving your true potential yet, you can start with on of these options

  • Secret Training Tips ONLY $17.99

  • Grip Training 101 ONLY $39.97  

  • Ninja-Proof Shoulders ONLY $39.97  

These are short programs that were extracted from the Advanced Training Package. Each one contains the entire developmental process for building laches & Warped wall training.  


This Program Is Designed To: