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5 Lessons You'll Learn From American Ninja Warrior Training

Every summer, American Ninja Warrior draws millions of viewers. People tune in to watch athletes tackle obstacles with names like Bouncing Spider and Salmon Ladder. 

But for some fans, it's about more than just hitting buzzers. American Ninja Warrior training is also popular with people who never try out for the show.

If you're considering a ninja workout routine, you'll find there are plenty of unexpected lessons to live by. Read on for five of the best ones. 

1. Keep Tackling that Wall 

The Warped Wall is the obstacle most associated with American Ninja Warrior. It's easy to identify, and there's not much guessing as far as technique: Either you make it up the wall or you don't. 

On the show, competitors get three attempts to make it up before getting eliminated. But when you train like a warrior, you'll find you have as many chances as you need. 

Sure, that doesn't mean you can stay there all night. But getting up the warped wall isn't something you're going to accomplish in your first class. You'll feel silly trying it at first, but ninja training techniques encourage you to keep going anyway. 

2. It's Supposed to Be Fun

If you watch the TV show and think, "That looks hard," that's because it is hard. But it's also a lot of fun.

Competitors are putting their bodies through a lot. People regularly compete despite bumps and bruises. In 2018, contestant Travis Rosen broke his ankle on the Double Dipper. 

But it's also like a playground for very athletic adults. The excitement and adrenaline rush is what keeps people coming back. That, and the chance at a million dollars. 

3. Be a Team Player

Ninjas never walk (or run) alone. NBC's cameras always pan to the ninja's supporters on the sideline. They're holding signs, wearing T-shirts, and cheering at full volume.

Not every competition has such a supportive community. But on ANW, half the fun is seeing your friends do well. 

Sure, there are rivalries. And like a lot of reality competitions, some things get edited to look more dramatic or tense. But the camaraderie is real.


4. Don't Think About Falling

If you want to train like a warrior, you can't be afraid of falling into the water. You must focus on the obstacles in front of you, not the water below you. 

Granted, ninja warrior gyms are more likely to have foam pits rather than chlorinated water. But the basic principle remains the same.


5. You're Stronger Than You Think

American Ninja Warrior likes to show inspirational stories. The music and editing can be corny. But the stories are still powerful. 

Contestants have battled illnesses, injuries, and family tragedies. They're still out there trying to compete. That takes resilience.


The longer you train, the tougher you become. Don't give up before you have the chance to pleasantly surprise yourself. 

Finding American Ninja Warrior Training

If the above list has you revved up to start American Ninja Warrior training, then what are you waiting for? Look into signing up for classes today. 

Our gym exists to help both children and adults train like a warrior. Check out our FAQs first, then contact us to begin your journey up the warped wall and beyond. 

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