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Warrior Performance Training 

 The most complete training Program for Obstacle athletes

GET instant access to THE EXACT PROGRAM we USE with OUR ELITE ATHLETES who have competed on
American Ninja Warrior
& 2x's Ranked as the
top 5 ninja teams in the world

Listen to what World Champ Jen Geiger & ANW hosts Matt Iseman & Akbar have to say about our programs


It's Time To Stop Doing Programs That Don't Get YOU Results.

I can't wait for you to see what we have put together for YOU! 

After years of spending countless hours studying different training methods & philosophies & applying them to my athletes & my own training , I have created the Warrior Performance Training Method.


This is the program we used to coach Austin Gray & Anabella Heinrichs on American Ninja Warrior & it's the same program we have used to get the rest of our (ENTIRE) coaching staff & students to also compete on ANW, ANW JR, & place Top 10 in the WORLD!

Over the past 20+ years, I have trained everyone from amateur athletes & college athletes up to professional athletes & even athletes who have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Unfortunately, there are too many athletes out there who are misguided or using programs that do not work for their specific goals.

If you want to be GREAT - this program has been developed specifically for you. I have tested it out on our elite team ninja athletes for the past 5 years & NOW, it can be YOURS!


NOTE: If you are not ready to fully commit to achieving your true potential yet, you can start with one of these options: (both include a 30 minute Program Design Call)

  • Popeye Grip Training ONLY $69.97  

  • Ninja-Proof Shoulders ONLY $69.97  

These are short programs that were extracted from the Advanced Training Package. Each one contains essential elements that ALL Obstacle Athletes Need. PURCHASE HERE  


This Program Is Designed To:


  • Improve Explosiveness & Speed

  • Improve Balance & Agility

  • Improve Grip Strength

  • Increase Your Overall Endurance

  • Improve Mental Focus & Course Prep Strategy

Now, You can have access to this Exclusive program & coaching starting @ $397

Learn how to train like a pro, with a pro. Learn the developmental techniques to build yourself into an unstoppable obstacle athlete. 


Using this program you will develop athleticism that actually translates to better obstacle performance. There is absolutely no risk to you as we have a 30 Day money-back guarantee.


If you’re ready, go ahead and click the button below to proceed to the order form. If you want the Advanced training program, scroll down to see what else you get for only $247 more. 

3 Phases Of Training &

Advanced Training Techniques


Phase 1: Strength & Skills Development

Developmental Phase: Built to help you learn how to properly strengthen your muscles & joints to prepare your body for obstacle training. Learning how to absorb and overload your muscles in a safe and effective manner will allow you to develop your strength & skills ability while reducing your chance of injury. 


Phase 2: Peaking & Competition Prep

During the “Peaking Phase” we proceed into a higher volume of training so your body will adapt to the stimuli in a way that allows you to MAX OUT your performance potential. Here, you’ll perform movements to help you develop the ability & confidence to GO BIG with your skills & strength training.


Additional BONUS Program Features 

Warrior’s Mindset Training

Use this guide to develop a mindset that will help you dominate your opponents on any course. Being mentally prepared is just as important as your physical preparation & many great athletes never see their true potential because of their failure to understand this aspect of the game.


  • Competition Prep

  • We Will Cover Goals Setting

Warrior Performance  Coaching Access & Performance Analysis

  • Direct Access To Coach Sam You will get access to the exclusive Warrior community where you have access to the entire WP team as well as every other customer on the program.

  • Progress Check from your Coach to make sure you stay on track.

Add Phase 3 today for only $247

& Save $150 off the regular price of $397

Phase 3: Advanced Training & Competition Prep

For Competition Prep: we shift away from some of the intensity & volume used in the peaking phase to allow your body to recover & be able to utilize the new skills you have developed. We use a specific combination of stabilization work & metabolic conditioning training to boost your ability to handle any type of obstacles you may face in competition.


Skills Training:

Learn the advanced training techniques that will take you from a good athlete into a Great athlete.


Strength Training:

Strength training is often overlooked by athletes of all types. Yet it is the one thing that all the best athletes always incorporate into their programs. Learn how to keep progressing your strength - no matter how advanced you think you are.


Conditioning Training:

All the strength & all the skills, without the ability to keep going will never result in a great performance - learn how to step up your game with our advanced conditioning & plyometric training.

Performance Nutrition Coaching

A tutorial to make sure you at least understand the basics of human nutrition for performance. The S.A.D. Diet

(standard american diet) will not only make you sad, it is extremely unhealthy and will harm your performance.

​You will learn How & When To Eat & why.: We will make sure you have the most up to date information on fueling & refueling your body & how optimal nutrition and taking some supplements can give you an even greater edge on your performance.

Additional Add-On Options:

  • Live in Person Coaching

  • Live Online Coaching

  • Customized Programming (for skills, strength, speed, agility, conditioning, nutrition)

Packages available & options can be reviewed during your "Welcome to the Program on-boarding call



  1. How do I gain access to the program?
    This program is completely digital. You can access the workout via any device that can access the internet using this document and the links provided within it & you can use the links to the mobile version that were provided in your first email from us.  


  2. Can anyone do this program?
    The Performance Training Program is perfect for anyone who is age 12+. If you are younger or less experienced you still can do this program, but you should use the ages 8-12 program with body weight based exercises & parental supervision for proper form adherence.


  3. What type of results can I achieve with this program?
    This program helps athletes & non-athlete get into the best shape of their lives & have fun with their training. I am a huge believer in the philosophy that if training is fun - people will stick with it - for life. We use this program for our elite team athletes (adults & children) who train for ANW, ANW JR, & other national competitions. We have had several of our team members qualify for & place in the top 10 in the world. We have had over 20 athletes in the past few years qualify for national championships. Read more about our awesome athletes, in our BLOG


  4. Can you do this program if you do not have a full ninja gym or weights at home?
    Yes, you absolutely can do this program with only minimal equipment. However, there are a few essential items that we recommend for you to have the best possible experience & make more progress. We have many of those products available on our Custom Designed HOME Obstacle Training Solutions PAGE


  5. How many days per week is the program?
    The program consists of 3 phases with varying days. On the days off we prescribe rest, cardio, and/or mobility.


  6. How long is the program?
    Each phase also varies based on your experience level & which program you start with. Phase 1 & 2 are generally 4-6 weeks each. As you progress through the program there are working weeks followed by a deload week (or a competition prep week). Phase 3 gives you all the tools you need to train forever & you will have unlimited access to future program updates.

I hope to see you on the inside!



WP Warrior Performance
WP Warrior Performance
WP Warrior Performance
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