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We create a 100% custom training protocol & schedule, using some/all of the following:


  • A Functional Fitness Assessment (posture & movement screening, fitness & performance testing)

  • Nutritional Programming

  • Private Live Training Sessions

  • Private Online Training Sessions

  • Strength & Conditioning Membership-Class

  • Skills & Technique Membership-Class

  • Weekly OCR Competitions

  • Open Gym Sessions (Ninja Warrior, Rock Climbing, Strongman, OCR, Fitness) for you to practice on your own

  • Follow up Testing

  • Performance Evaluation Report Including Pre/post-test Results

  • Access to the Warrior Performance Training Online Platform (see below for details)




With a membership to Warrior Playground, you have access to:

Group Training Classes with Expert OCR Coaches

Using the same system our top-level athletes train with, our Performance Training Coaches will teach and challenge you. Many of our coaching team have participated in Regional/National OCR competitions, and have placed top 10 in regional and world competitions, 

  • Increase Speed & Power      

  • Increase Strength

  • Increase Muscular Endurance

  • Increase Mobility & Reduce Risk of Injury

Training classes include:

  • Obstacle Skills: Technique-Training for Obstacle Mastery

  • Obstacle Strong: Strength Training for Obstacle Mastery

  • Competition Preparation

FREE Online Training

We know obstacle training better than anyone else. Our programs & our coaches are some of the best in the world and we have heaps of knowledge to share. Every membership comes with a FREE WEEK of training from our Performance Vault. 

Monthly Competitions

Measure your progress and skills during our monthly, all ability-levels, no-pressure Competition Nights. Already competing regionally/nationally? Maintain your edge with consistent competition exposure during these nights.






With the Warrior Performance Training virtual system, you have access to:

Build a Better Spartan Modules - Technique & skills training on obstacles, using an approach you've never used before. Learn from experts about the strengths & skills you need to conquer the course.

Warrior Strength Modules - Training focused on using a periodized program for building the essential fitness all OCR athletes need.

Warrior Conditioning Modules - An OCR obstacle training program mixed with Metabolic Conditioning workouts of Functional, Olympic, and other essential movements that enhance your ability to handle any obstacle course.

Speed & Power Workshop - Explosive plyometric & speed training. If you don't have power, you won't win.

OCR Pre-hab/Rehab Workshop - Obstacle Course Racing place a high demand on your joints. Learn how to properly warm-up and train stabilizer muscles to reduce the rate of injuries involved in obstacle training.

Balance Workshop - Balance obstacles challenge even the best professional athletes, and is an important part of being a competitive OCR athlete. No matter your age or current ability level, balance improves with these training techniques.

Grip Workshop - Without grip strength, OCR is much more challenging than necessary, and you'll never be competitive. Here you'll learn strategies to improve grip both in the gym and at home.


Spartans, Tough Mudders, Savage Race, Warrior Dash, BoneFrog, Rugged Maniac...

No matter what the OCR race is, our Obstacle Course Training program will allow you to have a great time on the course, and be competitive in your category.

Our adult Obstacle Course Training programs are designed to build the best obstacle athletes on the planet, even if you've never climbed over a wall before! Plus we're so confident in our coaches and curriculum that we offer a RESULTS GUARANTEE. Whether you've trained for years, or you're just getting started - our specialized obstacle training methods combine obstacle training with strength, conditioning & calisthenics, to improve your skills, strength, power, and speed. And it's also a fun, unique way to just get fit!

Obstacle Course Racing builds your power and endurance for your whole body, allowing you to become quicker, more powerful, more fit, and more flexible than ever before. At the same time, you will find that OCR Training is actually fun. Rather than just lifting weights and doing repetitive cardio at a traditional gym, you'll have a great time while working out, even if you aren't training to compete on a national or global level. And, with weekly races, you'll gain the experience you need to be successful in the bigger races.


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