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-1 hour Ninja Warrior lesson, once or twice per week

-Groups capped at 6-8 children (age dependent)

-Same coach and group of children each week

-Progressive curriculum designed by American Ninja Warrior competitor and 30 year Personal Trainer Sam Banola

-Flexible scheduling - join an existing group or make your own!

We offer a structured-play environment with Expert Coaches, for children to learn proper movement patterns & build strength. We also offer the opportunity to add on unstructured-play through an Open Gym Membership, so children can build creativity & engage in social interactions on their own.



Research proves that the more physically active your child is, the better he/she will perform in school, the better their sleep quality will be, and the healthier he/she will be for life.

  • 30-year classroom veteran, Chris Strater states “we were wrong to get rid of recess and we were wrong to get rid of movement. The only way to get neurons firing is through movement. It can’t be done through reading, and it can’t be done through math.”

  • Education states "children who are more active exhibit better focus, faster cognitive processing & better memory retention"


In Short; Physical literacy, just like literacy in reading, writing, and math is an essential part of proper development & will prepare our children for success.

Homeschool Ninja Warrior Training at Warrior Playground provides a FUN, nurturing environment of physical activity, that builds confidence and creativity, improve social interaction and increases physical literacy.

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