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Building the Future of Ninja Warrior: Behind the Scenes Progress, Highlights, and More!

Construction is well underway in the new facility at 700 9th Ave., opening July 8th, and, while we don't want to say TOO much (who doesn't love surprises?), we DO want to keep you informed!...

Currently, we're outfitting over 50% of the space with all wood, hand-built obstacles and play spaces. This is a big endeavor, and is very unique in the ninja world and in children's play spaces. The vision is to create a space that feels connected to nature, while having a bit of an enchanted, other-worldy feel.

The Enchanted Ninja Forest space is coming along, and will be finished off with a tree house, suspension bridges, crows nest lookout, custom 30ft river-shaped mat, a zip line, artificial grass, custom lighting, and numerous river-crossing obstacles. Check out the AI renderings below!

Next to the Enchanted Ninja Forest will live a hand-built 10ft tall, slippery climbing mountain, with a slide, rock-shaped climbing holds and custom artwork. This will be akin to a climbing mountain like the one pictured below, but hand-built for a more connected-to-nature, authentic feel than the plastic you see here.

This entire area is highlighted by a 60ft x 15ft hand-painted mural of mountains and trees - absolutely spectacular!

Across the way, the Parkour Floor is almost finished, and will include a fridge, windows to jump through, multiple walls and boxes, tons of bars, and options to link over to the airbag. This Parkour Zone is modeled after the infamous Penzer Park, and will be epic! We are stoked to bring Parkour back to our facility!

And then there's the airbag.... A custom-printed, 20ft AirTrak bag, like nothing else in the Longmont/Boulder corridor. The airbag will feature numerous overhead obstacles and bars, places on the wall to catch and land, and an additional hand painted wall mural, featuring a waterfall (you'll be jumping into the pond on the airbag!).

AirTrak is THE premier airbag manufacturer, and responsible for the bags at Camp Woodward, Disney, Cirque du Soleil, Defy Action Park, Red Bull and USA Gymnastics to name a few.

Our existing climbing wall will be making the move with us, and may see an upgrade with an auto-belay down the road.

PLUS, with thousands of additional square feet left over, you'll see all the ninja equipment we currently have, plus dozens of new obstacles, multiple lines of rings and lache bars, and tons of space to spread out while training.

AND we're adding a dedicated adult fitness area separate from all other play & train spaces, and a huge lobby with places to work or watch, and snacks, quick foods and drinks.

To us, this is a new era of Warrior Playground.... a facility completely inspired by the wonder of the outdoors and the magic that movement and play bring to humans of all ages. A facility totally dedicated to facilitating growth mindset, self-confidence and connection for all participants. A place where athletes can train, but also be silly and be injoy. We can't wait to share this space with you all!



We are seeking product and time donations. If you're able, please consider helping us to help the community even more!

Moving dates: July 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th. If you're available and able to assist, please reach out. We'll grab yummy food and drinks once we're done on Sunday for all!

Lastly, we'd like to send out a huge thank you to the wonderful community who has supported Warrior Playground and who inspires us to work hard and create magic!

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