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Integrating Game-play with Exercise Science to Enhance Children's Fitness

At Warrior Playground Ninja facility in Longmont, CO, we firmly believe in the power of play—not just as a method of learning, but as a way of life. With over 30 years of experience in coaching and a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, Owner and Founder Sam Banola has dedicated his career to blending rigorous scientific principles with the sheer joy of play. Our goal is to make fitness both effective and incredibly enjoyable for all children, including those who are neurodiverse.

The Crucial Role of Play in Development

Play is essential in the cognitive, emotional, and physical development of children. It enhances brain function, improving crucial skills like memory, attention, and problem-solving. According to research by the American Academy of Pediatrics, play not only bolsters physical health but also builds emotional resilience, helping children navigate complex social interactions.

Integrating Game-play with Exercise Science

At Warrior Playground, it may look like play, but all lessons have a pre-planned, science-backed curriculum that incorporates principles from exercise-science and child development to ensure the best physical, emotional AND cognitive development possible. Our unique Mixed Movement and Play structure (MMAP) method includes game play as a core element, ensuring that our sessions are lively and engaging. This approach helps children learn valuable life skills in an environment that celebrates every step of their journey. Incorporating game play into our MMAP curriculum is fundamental. Games make learning fun and engaging, and they teach children important social and emotional skills. Through play, children learn teamwork, leadership, and perseverance, all within a fun and supportive setting.

Structured and Unstructured Play at Warrior Playground

We also offer a balanced mix of structured and unstructured play. Our structured MMAP method challenges children with tasks that improve both their minds and bodies, while unstructured play provides the freedom to explore and express creativity without limits. This combination is crucial for fostering cognitive flexibility and managing stress.

Inclusive Play for All Children

Warrior Playground is proud to provide an inclusive environment that benefits all types of children, including those who are neurodiverse. We understand that each child is unique, and our programs are designed to be adaptable, ensuring that every child can participate fully and benefit from the joy and learning our playground offers.

Our Mission: Play with Purpose

Our mission is to transform lives through the power of play. We aim to nurture not only physically fit children but also well-rounded individuals who carry forward the lessons learned at our playground. We believe that fitness should be a delightful part of daily life, filled with laughter, learning, and growth.

Join Us in Fostering Lifelong Health and Happiness

We invite you to join our community, where fun is a serious part of our curriculum, and where your child can grow into their happiest, healthiest self. Come see how we make fitness a joyful adventure, and why so many families trust us to support their children’s growth and development.

Kids running outdoors at ninja summer camp
Obstacle play for cognitive development

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