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Unleash Your Inner Ninja: A Summer Camp Adventure in Longmont, Colorado

Are you ready for your kids to have the best summer of their lives? To come home tired and happy? To stop jumping off your furniture and spending hours online? Then it's time for our exhilarating Ninja Warrior Obstacle Summer Camp in Longmont, Colorado! Designed for kids ages 5-13, our kids summer camp offers an action-packed experience that combines fitness, fun, and adventure. Let's dive into what makes our camp the perfect choice for your child...

kids swinging from rings at ninja warrior summer camp
Girls just want to have fun!

These kids are learning the valuable life lessons that movement is fun and that when they think they can't they just need to keep trying!

1. All-Ability level active play

Your kiddo doesn't have to be the next American Ninja Warrior to enjoy our camp - in fact, they don't even need to be athletic! This ninja warrior, active play summer camp teaches children of ALL ability levels the fundamental skills of body awareness, gross motor capability, balance, coordination, agility, strength, power and endurance. And the best part?? The kids don't know they're learning anything! They just think they're playing and having a blast.

2. Character development

In an age of participation trophies and social media, we've actually created less self-confidence and grit in our today's youth. Kids today have not learned (like we did) to fall and get back up, that it's ok (and normal!) to fail, that when we finally do succeed we feel pride and self-confidence like no Wordle score could create!

Ninja warrior is an amazing way for youth to learn about trial and error, failing forward, building confidence, creating self-esteem and tenacity, and working with others in a super fun, engaging way.

3. incredible curriculum

The owner of Warrior Playground, Sam Banola, is a father, 30+ year veteran personal trainer, and American Ninja Warrior athlete. Sam has been developing ninja obstacle programming for children for decades, and (with his kid-at-heart personality) has created an uber-fun, low-pressure way to teach ninja warrior skills to our summer camp participants and our after school lesson attendees. When creating curriculum, he puts safety first, followed closely by proper movement pattern learning. This isn't just 'open-play' (although it will feel that way!). Kids are truly learning how to better move their bodies in space, which will help them excel in any sport going forward!

4. tried and true

Warrior Playground and the kids ninja warrior summer camp in Longmont, CO is in it's 9th year! We think that means we are doing a few things right!! This isn't a new business trying to figure it out (and experimenting on your kids!). We know what works and what doesn't. We hire adults with deep athletic and coaching experience (not just teens who have competed on the NBC show American Ninja Warrior. This, frankly, is NOT what makes a good coach). Our procedures and activities have been refined over many years and it shows.

Ready to enroll in our ninja warrior summer camp? Or grab more info? Do so here:

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