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Put Your Best Foot Forward: What to Look For in Parkour Shoes

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

When practicing extreme sports or performance training, it's always important to maximize safety and performance by having the best gear.

When it comes to parkour, your shoes are the most important accessory you’ll need to purchase. Having the best shoes for parkour will help you move faster and perform better so that you nail each and every daring leap.

So, what are the key features to look for when purchasing parkour shoes? Keep reading to find out!

Soar with the Right Sole

When practicing parkour, you are making a lot of intense moves, so having a proper sole to your shoe can make a large impact on your performance.

You should pick a sole that only consists of one piece. This will last longer and provide your foot with more comfort.

Shoes with multiple soles tend to deteriorate and crack sooner, especially since these soles are often glued together. They aren’t able to withstand the amount of impact that practicing parkour delivers. Soles that are cracking often to lead to injuries because running and landing become more difficult.

Another thing to consider when choosing the right sole is that it isn’t too thick. You want your foot to be to feel everything under it so you can truly get a sense of what your landing on.

All About the Arch

Parkour revolves around making precise moves, so it's key to have a good grip on your shoes. Arch plays a big role in this because it allows your foot to maintain a grip on what it's landing on and helps to stabilize your balance.

Your body often moves forward on the landing and without the right arch, your feet can easily slip from under you.

Focus on Flexibility

The flexibility of the parkour shoes will also greatly affect the way you run, jump and tackle obstacles. You want a shoe that is stiff enough to protect your ankle and feet but that is still flexible enough to allow for full movement.

Your foot needs to be able to flex around things and not be obstructed in mobility from a shoe that is too rigid. By having a shoe that is flexible you’ll leap higher, run faster and have greater landing precision.

Watch the Weight

You don’t want to buy a shoe that is too heavy because it will prevent you from jumping high. Most parkour shoes tend to be a bit heavier than your typical running shoes.

But It's important to find shoes that feel like a part of your body, so you have confidence and full trust in your feet. So even though they may be a little heavier than other shoes you own, they should still be lightweight and thin.

Purchasing Parkour Shoes

If you want to stick every landing and run like the wind, then make sure to keep these tips in mind when picking out parkour shoes.

Do your homework and try on a few different types of shoe to find your perfect fit. And remember that these shoes are going to have a major impact on your parkour abilities, so don’t sell yourself short.

Ready to put your skills to the test? Check out our class schedule!

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