Wear This, Not That During Obstacle Course Training

So, you've been training at the gym and going for runs but you've decided to take on obstacle course training. First off, give yourself a pat on the back because that takes courage. It means you have decided to take charge of your health and challenge yourself to be great.

But, what on earth are you supposed to wear? What's the perfect balance of fashion and function?

Should you dress like a ninja or throw on some fatigues to really look the part? Don't make silly rookie mistakes. Read on to hear what the pros recommend.

What to Wear for Obstacle Course Training

There are few things more exciting and fun than taking part in obstacle course race training (OCR training). However, if you ignore the advice of the experts and wear the wrong gear, "you're gonna have a bad time", as they say.

Thankfully, it is not awfully complicated and you don't have to spend a ton of money either. Just follow these tips and you will not only look the part, but you will also be comfortable and your clothes won't lessen your chances of success.

While we can't guarantee you'll make it straight to American Ninja Warrior competitions, having the right clothes i