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The Best Parkour Gear for Overcoming Obstacles Comfortably

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Has watching "American Ninja Warrior" inspired you to try parkour? Do you want to be able to run off walls and over obstacles like your favorite action movie stars?

If so, you first must be aware of the gear needed to stay safe and pull off your moves correctly. This equipment ensures that you can avoid injuries while improving your health.

With our knowledge of parkour, you will be able to have fun and stay active with this parkour gear.

Here is the best parkour gear for overcoming obstacles comfortably.

1. Guide Book

If you're new to the world of parkour, you must first educate yourself on the activity to avoid broken bones on your first jump. Buy a handbook for beginners that shows you the proper techniques as well as how to use parkour equipment to improve your strength and conditioning.

2. Gloves

You'll need to have a strong grip to hold on to ledges, especially when performing at great heights. Gloves are the best parkour gear for keeping your hands in good condition. Start with gloves for beginners before you move up to gloves made for people who want to be professionals.

3. Running Shoes

Your parkour supplies should also keep your feet in good shape so that you can avoid slipping off benches or walls and stay comfortable for more exercise. That's where running shoes come in, specifically those that are light and have rubber soles. You should replace them every few months.

4. Parkour Pants

Another item on this parkour gear list that focuses on what you wear is pants. You need a pair of loose-fitting pants so that you have a greater range of motion. Sweatpants are a reliable option for crazier obstacles, and it helps if they are water repellent in case it starts to rain.

5. Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

It is now time to move over to parkour training equipment, more specifically multi-grip pull-up bars. This tool allows you to practice pull-ups in the safety of your bedroom before you go out and test yourself with wall climbs and pull-ups. This bar will help you build the strength needed for this activity.


6. Resistance Bands

Parkour requires that you be flexible and push yourself varying distances at a time. In this case, you'll want to practice at home with resistance bands. These bands help build your muscle's resistance, which helps with more daring tricks.

7. Running Bags

If you want to avoid losing your phone, wallet, and other important items while performing parkour, you'll need to wear a running bag. This item contains straps and pockets that keep your items safe and in one place while the rest of your clothes are loose enough for you to run and jump around.

8. Hydration

You'll need to stay hydrated throughout your training, so make sure you have a bottle of water or Gatorade in your parkour gear. This will give you the energy to avoid getting tired and falling on a hot day, as well as keep performing the tricks you saw in your guide book.

Our Take on Parkour Gear

With this list of parkour gear, you will have a safe and fun time developing your athletic skills.

Check out more of our parkour expertise so that you can find your inner ninja.

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